You can either order online or call:

+3672/435262 or +3630/4504254 every day between 10:30-22:30

our dispatcher will kindly give you help or further information


Packing and delivery:

We can get your order by your door even in 60 minutes (this time highly depends on your order and the traffic)

-the pizzas are sent in a paper pizzabox

-the salads and the sweets are packed in a sealed box

-we keep and deliver the hot and cold foods and drinks separated

Areas where we deliver for free: Pécs, Kozármisleny, Keszü or we can do nearby towns for a small fee

-prices and pay: The prices on our flyer and website are including the boxing and the tax

-our prices includes the delivery fee in Pécs, Kozármisleny, Keszü

-the dispatcher informs you about thhe extra fees what oyu may have to pay(ex.: delivery fee, extra toppings etc.)

-you pay when you get the your order

-we can accept vouchers (Erzsébet, SodexHo, Ticket restaurant)

You can pay by card(Credit, Debit, Visa, Master Card, Szép kártya) but you have to say it prior to order!


Complain and suggestion

Feel free to call our dispatcher if you have any complain or suggestion to make, to help us impove our work and maintain our standards!

+3672/435262 +3630/4504254

P.O. BOX: Ballia Kft 7632 Pécs, Csikor Kálmán street 24