Your personal information and how we use them: We  need your full name and address and a phone number  to complete your order. Its without commitments and we only use it one time to fulfill your order

Keeping your data:

Without registration: when you order without registration, we dont save any of your personal information, only use it for your one time order.

With registration : you will need a username and a password to register on our website. After that we send you adverts and offers which exclusively related to our company and it wont be used fro another company or website.


Data privacy:

The owner of the website is respecting and protecting all of the data which has been provided to him and never gives out to a third person and always according to law in our progress we follow these rules: any other information which is provided unintentionally we keep it and wont share it. All of the information provided by you only used to its own purpose(deliveries, writing bills, etc.) and will never give out to third person under any cicumstances. All of the information provided by our partners or subscribers will only be used for statistics all together anonymously, never individually and will never be published.